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About Ve
Hi, I'm Ve!  I live and work in Fairfield, TX, with my wonderful hubby, Jarret, and our three dogs, Charley Belle, Beaudreaux & Maya!  The hubby works on a ranch locally, but he moonlights as an amazing photography assistant. 

The creative gene comes from my mother, and the "may as well try it" gene comes from my Daddy.  When I put those two things together, all kinds of things tend to happen!  My favorite thing?  Photography, of course!  I truly enjoy telling a story through my lens, and I am truly grateful for the God given gift that is making room for me!

Almost four years ago I relocated to Fairfield from Dallas, and when people asked me what it was like I always said . . . "It's my very own little Mayberry!"  The small town feel, the hospitality, the quaint shops and restaurants are enough to make you believe that Aunt Bea lives just around the corner.  In short, it feels like home.  So when I thought about creating images that look and feel like home, it seems natural that Mayberry Memories was born.  

I shoot all of my photos on location, preferring an outdoor setting.  The bulk of my sessions are here in Fairfield, TX, but I am willing to travel.  So, go ahead . . . get in touch with me and let's capture some Mayberry Memories of you!
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